Rev Jem Hawkins

MAY 2O19

From Rev Jem....

A Vision of Jesus and Food

Recently we have started exploring and discerning God's vision for us as the church of Jesus. As Christians we believe that Jesus is the INCARNATION of God as a human being. Paul writes that we, as His church, are the "Body of Christ!"

As part of the body of Christ, we look to Jesus as our example and we follow His Way. The Way of Jesus embodies His principles in our lives and being. Jesus emphasised the greatest commands from the Jewish Scriptures were to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Later Jesus gave His own command: Love each other as I have loved You.

In exploring how we can use our premises to fulfil those commands and follow Jesus, we have discerned a project to provide a Community Cafe. The cafe would be a safe place for people in the community to gather, where there is always a space for prayer, and where we can help meet some of the needs in our community. We would have a regular Memory Cafe, signpost people to different agencies and other outreach.

To facilitate this, we would provide a quality cafe. This requires a refurbishment of the kitchen and where staff would need to be employed (a manager and additional part time staff who we would support as a stepping stone to working in cafes in the area). As a church we are signed up to be a Disabled Confident Organisation. This is a project where we can make a real difference to people in our community.

Let us reach out with God's love and feed our neighbours with love, kindness and food!