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Rev Keith Beckingham

Minister: Rev Keith Beckingham. Tel:01922 475083

October 2017

From. R£V. Keith...

Dear Friends, have you heard the news?   I wonder if you have ever stopped to consider the different types on news that there is   There is of course OLD news, that the media tries to recycle on a slow news day.

We have all probably experienced BAD news and hopefully GOOD news.   Sadly, the media is full of SAD news from around the globe, together with WORRYING news, which very often amounts to no more than conjecture and speculation.   Of course there is a seemingly insatiable appetite for CELEBRITY news and SPORTS news. Apparently there is the more recent phenomenon of FAKE news, which is when people distort the truth, especially on the internet, for their own reasons.   Quality newspapers include royal COURT news and ECCELESIATICAL news about church appointments.

 I wonder what kind of news you prefer. Apparently there are more than 80 references to news in the Bible.   One of the best known is perhaps Isaiah 52:7  How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘‘Your God reigns!”   As Christians we do have the BEST news - that of salvation by faith in Christ, by which we may know life in all its fullness, and the promise of eternal life. Let us each try to share that news with somebody this month.   God bless you,


Jesus, the first and last

First light, first thought - Jesus, be with me;          I do not go into this day alone.

Words, tasks, challenges - Jesus guide me             I look to you for direction, wisdom, compassion.

Doubts, tears, stumbles - Jesus uphold me;           I am weak but you are strong.

Joys, laughter, opportunities - Jesus bless m;         I am thankful for your grace.

Family, friends, neighbours - Jesus touch them;    I name each one before you.

Last light, last thought - Jesus be with me;             I hold onto you in the long reaches of the night. Amen.

Jilt Baker, Vice President of the British Methodist Conference                                  2017/2018

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