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Dear Friends,

It seems like only yesterday that we moved to Bloxwich. It feels like we have been here for ages. We have met many wonderful people and shared time together of joy, pain and frustration!

It feels like we belong, even though we still get lost in the house and in the streets. These contradictions are nothing new in life or spiritually. In life we can feel so alone, even in the midst of a crowd, or lost in the place we have lived in for many a year. Spiritually, we can hold firm to the promises of help and guidance - yet cannot discern the way God is calling us to travel.

If I get lost on the roads I turn on the Satnav to guide me home (though it still tries to send me the wrong way at times). If I get lost spiritually, I can’t turn on a ‘Godnav’ to take me home, all I can do is trust in Jesus who came to be with us all.

Jesus, who is there with us as we stumble in the darkness, even if we can’t see him. By and by, the darkness will lift and we will see that He has been with us all along, that we are home, where we belong - not because we have reached our destination, but because God is with us always in our heart, and home is where the heart is. As we make our home with you, the overwhelming feeling we have is the sense of ‘welcome’; publicly expressed at meetings, churches and by individuals. “Welcome to our town, our circuit, our church, our street”. It makes us feel we belong together in the church/community family here.    

Thank you for making us so welcome!

At St. John’s I have seen the same welcome offered to people in our community through the many activities that are a part of St. John’s Church Centre: providing a place for different people to be fed and clothed, to belong to groups and activities for all ages; from established activities which have been going for many years, as well as new endeavours like the Food Bank which is spearheaded by good folk from St John’s.

As we offer our welcome to those around us, we look to Jesus our guide and helper and endeavour to follow his way of all embracing love and care.   We do this through our attitudes, our actions, our words:our ‘love in action’

As Jesus told us:

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another “( John 13:35)

Let us welcome each other in love!