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Rev Keith Beckingham

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From. Rev. Keith...

Dear Friends,

                    Advent, Christmas, New Year and Epiphany: times for thanksgiving, patience, humility and joy (Tom Wright, Advent for Everyone, A journey with the apostles SPCK, 2017).    Reflecting on this I realise that we can give thanks for the love we have received and the hopes that have been fulfilled in the year that has passed.    We can exercise patience as we cling on to hopes that remain unfulfilled.    We require humility as we develop our self- awareness and seek reconciliation with God and others, conscious of our shortcoming and failures.    We are filled with joy as we daily renew our covenant with God who is with us.

                   A memorable point in the year for me was a visit to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda.   This portrays the depths of cruelty to which mankind has sunk, not only in Rwanda but also in Europe and elsewhere.   This could never happen again I mused, but recent events in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) have proved me wrong.   We still need the Saviour, for mankind still needs to be born again, renewed after the likeness of God, and filled with the Spirit of holy compassion, justice and peace.

                    We thank God that into the darkness of sin a Light has shined and still shines on, givus hope and joy as we work for the coming Kingdom of God with patience and humility.

In the advent (coming) of Christ may we rejoice and be glad!

Hilary and I wish you a very happy Christmas and pray that the New Year may be one in which you grow in grace and in the know­ledge of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you.              Keith.

May God’s blessing rise with us in the morning;

Dwell within us as we journey the day and abide with us as evening falls. Amen.

                                                                                                             Rev Elaine Halls.


Jesus, the first and last

First light, first thought - Jesus, be with me;          I do not go into this day alone.

Words, tasks, challenges - Jesus guide me             I look to you for direction, wisdom, compassion.

Doubts, tears, stumbles - Jesus uphold me;           I am weak but you are strong.

Joys, laughter, opportunities - Jesus bless m;         I am thankful for your grace.

Family, friends, neighbours - Jesus touch them;    I name each one before you.

Last light, last thought - Jesus be with me;             I hold onto you in the long reaches of the night. Amen.

Jilt Baker, Vice President of the British Methodist Conference                                  2017/2018

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