Pastoral News fromChris Fletcher

Oh how things change tram one month to the next! The flood deluge took its toll on many, but for some St John's members It was devastating. John and Jean Bentley have had to move out of their home, Pauline and David Genway are still living in chaos and Carol and David Brown are just about getting back to normal. Continue to remember in prayer these our friends.

On a lighter note some of our past members have had celebrations in June - John and Sue Ridding celebrated special birthdays and also their Golden Wedding anniversary. Likewise Pauline and Ian Hicken celebrated their Gotten Wedding. Congratulations to Iris Shakespear, a member of the Ladies Fellowship who has celebrated 90 years young.

Congratulations to Emily Lawrence on gaining a first class honours degree in BSc Psychology (Forensic) at Nottingham Trent. Now Emily is planning to study for her Forensic Mental Health Masters. We wish her all the best As we are heading towards Keith and Hilary's parting, please keep them in our prayers as they take up yet another mission in their lives. May God bless them. It is good to have Yvonne back from Rwanda, we look forward to her inspiring stories. The holiday season is now upon us so many people will be missing from Cfrarcfr^Wayi ask Pastoral ^toTslocbecR their charges to see if they are okay. Some might be away due to illness and I cannot do anything if I don't know! May I thank everyone who has supported the fund raising, also the team of organisers who work tirelessly by coming up with ideas.

The Church gardens are coming along now, we just need to keep them tidy. 'In Bloom'judging will take place in July, so if you see any litter would you please pick it up -every little helps.

May I wish you all happy holidays. God Bless you all. Chrissie.